Variable Valve Timing Theory and Operation

This course takes a deep dive into Variable Valve Timing (VVT). VVT has been incorporated into many late model import and domestic engines, including single overhead cam (SOHC), dual overhead cam (DOHC) and even some pushrod V8s. This technology allows camshaft and valve timing to change with engine speed and load, so the engine can develop more high speed power — while also getting better fuel economy under light load conditions. However, it also creates some challenges for diagnostics and repair, which we’ll cover in this course.

Topics Covered:

• Understanding Variable Valve Timing

• How does it function and what are the benefits

• What can cause the system to fail?

• Diagnostic and repair strategies

The course is taught by T2U Technical Content Director Andrew Markel and Cloyes’ Technical Support Manager Cody Smith. 

Estimated Time:

35 – 45 mins

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This course includes:


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